Switching back to the Magic Keyboard after being all in on the Brydge Keyboard for three weeks or so as a test. There are many things I like about the Brydge…but this is immediately just a nicer keyboard to type on. It’s kind of frustrating.

Making my way through the Pragmatic Studio’s course on Rails 6. I’m not sure what I’m actually going to use this for yet, other than staving off the feeling of my development skills stagnating.

I’m becoming more aware of little tiny hiccups in my work flow that iPadOS will solve. I’m not crazy enough to install it before the public beta, and should probably hold out for the actual stable release, but…

You know, I would still pay a probably stupid premium for a tenkeyless Magic Keyboard in gray/black rather than silver/white.

A hyperbolic expression of frustration—

Adobe: we’re bringing full Photoshop to the iPad!
Luma: we already have our multitrack 4K video editor for it!
Literature & Latte: stop asking us to make Scrivener better on the iPad, it’s just so underpowered, you guys

My moment of wry amusement for the day: being reminded that Ars Technica’s article taxonomy includes “Google kills product”. arstechnica.com/series/go…

Google Meet won’t run in Safari on the Mac. But if I launch it from MailPlane, it works fine—even though MailPlane is just wrapping a Safari web view. Why, it’s like Google is arbitrarily blocking the actual Safari browser to force you to use Chrome! Surely not. 🤔

While I’m not sure “The Dark Side of Dark Mode” convinces me dark mode is evil, it’s convinced me to stop my experiment with it for now. (But am I the only one that wishes “Night Shift” let you specify a day and a night temperature by number? I want D65 day, D50 night.)

I may have hit my “subscription fatigue” point: I’m using Unread as an RSS reader on the iPhone, and Fiery Feeds on the iPad ($10/yr). Unread is switching to a $20/yr subscription model, and…yikes. Add what I’m paying for Feedbin syncing, and that’s just past my comfort level.

Props to the Buckhorn Steakhouse in Winters, California, the most reasonably-priced and least pretentious aged prime steakhouse I’ve ever come across.