Something I just learned about Fry’s: when struggling in 2019, they switched to a consignment model—without getting their suppliers to agree to switch from typical wholesale. So basically, they saw the iceberg dead ahead, and shouted “ramming speed!”

Strange that Fry’s is silently finishing its slow-motion corporate collapse, while I’ve been shopping more at Best Buy over the last year than I had been for a decade before that.

I think I’ve hit my personal limit for “it’s been a whole month and the world hasn’t been fixed yet, everything is a lie” howling I know I should avoid either dwelling on or, worse, responding to, so I’m moving Twitter back off the Home Screen for a while.

I’m really excited for season 2 of “For All Mankind”…and I think I only know one other person watching it. I’m pleased the show seems to be getting more positive media buzz this time around, though. 📺

I have a 4K HDR Blu-Ray player and exactly one disc for it. (“The Lion King,” for the record.) What else should I buy to build up the library? 🎬

My new M1 MacBook Air fails to sync iCloud data at least three times as fast as the old Air!

In the good-news-question-mark? department: the San Jose metro area’s Covid new case rate has fallen by about 75% in just the last month, meaning that we’ve just come down to the highest peak we had in the summer surge.

I’ve been wondering if my projects have suffered because it’s so difficult now to separate work and personal spaces—even when I worked remotely some years ago, I could go out and write at a café, maintain some clear separation. I may have to think more about this.

I have created my own Cuban-style mojo marinade recipe for roast pork, which I’ll test out tomorrow—and on Sunday, I’ll try for a Tampa-style Cuban sandwich. (At least as close as you can get with French bread instead of Cuban.)

And, Zenburn for @panic Nova is released:… I am one of those odd ducks who prefers light themes; Zenburn is one of the very few dark themes I truly like, so I had to port it. (I may try making a light companion sometime, though!)

There are a lot of things I should be spending my time on, but apparently the only one I have sufficient spoons for is “port the Zenburn color scheme from Vim to Panic Nova.”

Me: I think I am giving up on headphones and just getting some solid desktop speakers.

Also me: Ooo, that new Cambridge Audio headphone DAC/amp looks really nice.

I’ve tried two different Bluetooth/AirPod control widgets for the Mac. AirBuddy is more expensive, prettier, and more ambitious than ToothFairy—and, at least for me, doesn’t work nearly as well. ToothFairy may have a silly name, but it’s the one that works.

As I sit outside with my laptop watching its battery drain, do I wish my M1-based Air was already here? Yes. Yes, I do.

It may be raining when I go to pick up my lunch, but at least the rain will stop in [checks notes] a week.

I’m trying to talk myself out of upgrading my MacBook Air to an M1-based model, but I’m not sure I’m winning.

Seeing rumors that the new iMac sizes will go from 21″ and 27″ to 24″ and 32″. First world problems, I know, but I don’t want to go down to 24″ and 32″ is too big to fit on my desk with my speakers.

You know, I kinda want to upgrade my iMac to macOS 11, but I’m going to hold off off until Super Duper—my backup program—is compatible with it. Or until a 27″ Apple Silicon iMac comes out.

Holy hand grenades—the only program I know that started back on BeOS that still survives to this day, an animation program called Moho (marketed later as Anime Studio for a while), was used for part of “Wolfwalkers”.

Back in Spring Hill, Florida, the town I went to high school in—outside a hip microbrewery. When I lived here (which was not that long ago), it was huge news when the first chain restaurant opened on this end of the county.

The common wisdom is that movie theatres may go the way of the dodo now, but I suspect, in a few years, we may see a revival of the old “movie palace,” much grander theatres owned directly by movie studios.

Somehow Clermont, Florida, became interesting when I wasn’t paying attention.

As an SF Bay Area resident, I shouldn’t idly look at Kansas City real estate. “3BR/2BA 1850 sq.ft. downtown penthouse, $350K!” “3BR/2BA 1800 sq.ft. home built in 1905, walkable neighborhood, $200K!”

Many years ago Tampa tried a “Channelside” entertainment district that largely flopped. For its replacement, Sparkman Wharf, the new owners apparently decided “okay, what if we make it interesting this time.” Good call.

Michelle Yeoh mostly sells it through the sheer power of being Michelle Yeoh, but Star Trek: Discovery’s long and wobbly redemption arc for Emperor Georgiou would have worked better if the first season hadn’t gone in so damn hard on making her irredeemably evil. 📺