Also, a note re: the mocking of “how to clean your Apple Card”: as someone who carried a (nearly) all-white Simple debit card for years, keeping it from immediately looking like crap was almost impossible. This is only an “Apple problem” in that they chose to make it white.

There are many things that I like about Hacker News as a community, but the prevalence of “making points with humor and sarcasm is illogical, bleep bloop” types is not one of them.

A closed Korean restaurant across from my office has become a pizza place, but they haven’t gotten the new sign yet. Next on the checklist:

In SF for Relay FM’s 5th anniversary show, which gives me enough time for a drink at the city’s most fun bar, Pagan Idol. Maybe two drinks.

Okay, despite its quirks and close-but-not-perfect Mac compatibility, after just a week the Vortex Race 3 has become far and away my favorite keyboard with Cherry switches. (And, yes, MX Clears are definitely the right call for me.)

I admit I’m slightly tempted by the Apple Card in order to get the 3% cash back on Apple purchases, and I make enough purchases via Apple Pay for the 2% rate to potentially be meaningful. So, hmm.

Even though I don’t use it anymore, I’m sad that Bitbucket is dropping Mercurial support: originally, BB was to Mercurial what GitHub was to Git. But Git won, less because of technology than mindshare: first Linux cheerleading, then GitHub’s unlimited free public repos.

I’ve long been good enough with Vim to add plugins, but I think I’ve finally gotten good enough with Vim to start removing them.

The Prolific Oven, a small chain of great bakeries in Silicon Valley for nearly 40 years, is closing. I haven’t been to one in a couple years, but it makes me sad.…

As I’m experimenting with using my MacBook more again, I’m switching caps lock back to control—I’d made this change years ago, then changed back because the iPad doesn’t allow key remapping. It took me a year to unlearn “caps lock = ctrl”; how long will it take to relearn it?