Ubuntu users, how do you deal with the “system restart required” message on login for servers? If I restart my server every time I see this, I will be lucky to ever have an uptime longer than two weeks.

I occasionally have a perverse desire to set up my next Linux server(s) using Slackware. More likely to either stick with Ubuntu or switch to Debian, but…

If you have more than a half-dozen items, a staffed checkout lane at a grocery store is almost always faster than the self-service lane, and always much friendlier.

I always feel oddly guilty when I go to an ostensibly authentic family-owned Mexican place and think “the tortilla chips here aren’t as good as Chili’s.” (The chips at Chili’s are usually way better than you probably think.)

Hot take: “See” may be set to remind us that “high concept” can be so high it leaves all grounding behind.

You know how when you get to a neat hipster brewery but decide it’s too crowded and you shouldn’t drink anyway, drive a little more, realize you’re on a mountain road with no turnarounds for 15 miles, and end up at a coffee shop hours from home? No? Uh, me neither.

The Sons of Liberty Alehouse in San Leandro has won my affection by having a cocktail on the menu named “One Star Yelp Review.” (Although I’m having a shandy with housemade lemonade.)

I’m a little put out that Rails 6 doesn’t support scrypt as an option for has_secure_password, only bcrypt. Rolling my own user model shouldn’t be difficult, but this seems like an odd lapse in a 2019 release.

Back on the iPad, using the Brydge Keyboard again, too. While I’m liking it more after my time away, I’m immediately reminded of some things that annoyed me about it. But someone else might love it, and I should probably find it a good home. Hmm.

I’m looking forward to my TouchType iPad keyboard case arriving, but I’m also suspecting that if the MacBook Air gets a revision next year with a new keyboard, I’ll be first in line.