Importing some old posts. I’m still proud of “Bubbles, Baseball, and Mr. Marsh,” written after listening to a post-2016 election podcast by @gruber and @hotdogsladies, although it got no attention on Medium.

The coolest thing about the American health care system is being asked for a credit card when you’re lying in the ER. (I am not lying in the ER, but I am by someone who is.)

So, apparently Luna Display not only can’t wake up my iMac, it won’t work if the iMac’s internal monitor is turned off. This makes me Extremely Unhappy, given my use case was “sit in the living room and use the Mac from the iPad.”

The business park I camp out in for remote working occasionally is especially photogenic today.

Confession: I kind of like “smooth jazz,” even though I recognize there are actually only three smooth jazz songs:

  1. The one with the sax
  2. The one with the drum machine
  3. The one with the sax and the drum machine

Me: How can I share images in various places to Slack on iOS? I’ll drag them to Gladys, then drop them on Slack! Slack: [creates “file://” link in message window] Me: Um. Okay, I’ll share the images to Slack from Gladys! Slack: [uploads”file://” link as a text file] Me: 😑

Unfollowed a lot of folks on Twitter using the weirdly delightful Tokimeki Unfollow. Maybe I will actually bother to read my timeline there more now…

Medium Seeks Partners to Launch New Publications“: What could possibly go wrong this time?

My server migration from Arch Linux to Ubuntu is finished. I love Arch in theory, but it went from “fiddly and exasperating” to “flaming poop balls” for me after they dropped official 32-bit support. (My Linode was old enough it was from the days 32-bit was recommended!)

Finally booting oh-my-zsh out of my zsh configuration, as I don’t really use its ten thousand features and plugins—I just need to duplicate a few favorites.