I’m almost chagrined at how much more I like my Kobo than my Kindle. Native ePub, better management with Calibre, send web articles to it with one click through Pocket, check out ebooks from my library…

(Uh, anyone want a Kindle Voyage? It’s great, really!)

Finally getting to Susanna Clarke’s Piranesi. 📚

My first Kobo book is A Libertarian Walks Into a Bear: The Utopian Plot to Liberate an American Town (And Some Bears), Matthew Hongoltz-Hetling’s stranger-than-fiction account of the “Free Town Project” 📚

I may have succumbed and bought a Kobo Libra 2 before my Christmas trip (asking for it as a Christmas gift wouldn’t work if I wanted to, you know, travel with it). My 30-minute review is “I immediately like this better than my Kindle Voyage.”

A few years I ago I was listening to three Radiotopia podcasts. I’m still listening to those podcasts, but with today’s announcement that “Criminal” is moving to Vox, all three have left Radiotopia. (“Things that make you go ‘hmm’.”)

Irrationally tempted to buy a Kobo e-reader as a present to myself before a trip next month. I have never loved the Kindle and love Amazon even less as a company these days. Will it get me to read more? Maybe…

Well, after dropping their “Cash Reserve” savings account rate down to 0.1%, Betterment’s killing the automatic “two-way sweep” savings function that was the only reason to stay there rather than move to Alliant with their 0.55% rate. 💸

When I prep my Mac for an OS upgrade, I always review installed apps to either make sure they’re up-to-date—or, this year, admit I’m no longer using them. Finally letting go of OmniGraffle, OmniFocus, SuperDuper, Sublime Text, a few more. Maybe they’ll be back, but…

Debating seeing “Dune” in a theatre. It’s clearly made for that, but even setting aside Covid worries, it’s over two and a half hours long and I have a great home setup. Then again, I haven’t been in a theatre for over two years…

I really need to have a garage sale for old keyboards, headphones/amps, etc., but I have no garage.

Finally giving up on Encrypt.me. I loved them when they were Cloak; they seemed to get flakier post name-change, and recently stopped automatically securing at all. Now they’re becoming “StrongVPN” (…?), and I’m going to evaluate whether I need a personal VPN at all anymore.

Okay, the Expert Mouse started working again when I unbound its cord. I don’t know if that means it has a short or there was some mysterious interference when the cord was wound up.

I’ve been using desktop trackpads for years, but am wondering whether going back to a trackball might help with recent minor shoulder pain. I’ve discovered my old Kensington Expert Mouse no longer seems to work! Fortunately the old Logitech Marble Mouse still creaks along.

At a (virtual) tech accessibility conference for a few days. If I was playing a drinking game where I took a shot any time anyone said “Apple,” I’d be under the desk already.

Bolling Grove, along the Avenue of the Giants

I am tempted to upgrade to the new iPad mini as a birthday present, even though I only bought the mini I have in March of last year as a pandemic present.

“Typefaces have no gender”: this post about Klim Type Foundry’s new typeface Epicene is a long and fascinating essay about type history, language, and gender coding, at least if you’re the kind of nerd who sits at the center of that Venn diagram (hi hello).

Something I’m noticing (again): while both Google and Apple can automatically add calendar events based on your mail, Apple’s are actually nicer, catching more metadata and making better event titles and body text.

Back on my vague thoughts about writing a tutorial on building modern PHP apps without frameworks. It’s not as much “reinvent the wheel” as it is “learn the wheels that are built-in.”

Writing my own PHP microframework, as one does.

Each trailer for the “Foundation” series is better than the one before. I really hope they pull this off. 📺

Months after buying a domain name for a potential project, I now have a placeholder page up there. It feels like progress without actually being progress!

Apparently I am the only one who looks at Twitter’s new font and fairly minimal UI changes, shrugs, and mumbles, “it’s fine.”

I wasn’t sure if I’d use BBEdit 14’s notes feature, but I’ve been using it a lot at work. “Keep a todo list in plain text” has always been the least worst task management system for me.

I’ve been linked to from Daring Fireball for the first time in years. (Granted, it’s not like I’ve been writing tech blog posts very often in years…)