Coyote Cartography

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Watts is a science fiction/fantasy author, occasional technical blogger, furry fan, microbrewery tourist, and tiki aficionado living in Silicon Valley. Watts’s novel Kismet was a 2017 Cóyotl and Leo Literary Award winner and Ursa Major nominee. When not writing or driving randomly around the west coast, Watts works as a technical writer.

You can follow Coyote Cartography, this blog, by subscribing to the RSS or JSON feed here; that only picks up “blog-style” longer articles with titles. You can follow Watts on, Twitter (@chipotlecoyote), or Mastodon or other ActivityPub-based systems ( for all the posts, including the short status posts.

At Watts’s non-blog web site, Coyote Tracks, you can find free-to-read stories, links to stories for sale, and other bits and bobs.