How you know someone is a technical writer: they not only read the manual first, they judge it

Even in 2021, any new server-side web app with even a vain hope of being installed by people who are tech savvy but not modern web nerds should probably still be written in PHP. True or false?

Occasionally I buy a new domain name on the theory that it will spur me to actually create the associated dream project. One day this may actually work!

No idea when I’ll be able to schedule a Covid vaccine, but the weather is now comfortable enough to sit outside and breweries with outdoor patios no longer require food purchases, so I’m good for a while. I am so looking forward to being able to do a staycation soon, though…

Am I the only one whose interest in a new site/service immediately drops if it proudly proclaims it’s built on blockchain?

I’m pretty sure I’ve been spending more on restaurants during the pandemic thanks to Doordash charges. (Sometimes it’s the only way to get delivery. In some instances, it’s the only way to get takeout!)

I feel like I’m getting the zen of Panic’s Nova, at least with my relatively simple personal web site. I have a suspicion I could set up a fairly sophisticated build script for a more complex site using Nova’s task runner, too.

I’ve done some minor updates to Coyote Tracks, my web site, tweaking the styling and updating text. I’ve also consolidated the RSS feeds—yes, they are still a thing—into just one, so if you’re seeing this via RSS or on Tumblr, you’ll only see article-length posts.

I keep noodling around with a little PHP project, but keep digging in my heels at how…big modern PHP frameworks seem to be. Laravel’s “quickstart” guide now literally assumes you’re running from Docker. I am not this target audience.

The stickering has begun.

Honestly, I keep thinking “hey, maybe I should try and write a new just-a-blogging platform like very early MT or WordPress, just with modern features.” Then I remember I kind of hate programming.

I’m surprised nobody’s forked WordPress yet to hang onto the original editor. (Of course, I was surprised nobody forked Movable Type—at least successfully—back when it was still open source.)

My favorite critic writes about my favorite TV show, “For All Mankind.”

It’s always worrying when writers I like get overly concerned about the dire effects of “cancel culture”. Next thing you know they’re freelancing for Quillette and starting a Substack

So what are people using for “read it later” services these days, if anything? I switched from Instapaper to Reeder, but I’m not entirely satisfied. I’m looks for both Mac and iOS clients, although web clients that don’t suck—especially on the Mac—are okay.

I’m retooling my hand-coded personal website to be slightly more maintainable, turning most of the HTML pages into Markdown processed by CodeKit. It’s the world’s simplest static site generator, but it’s working out pretty well.

Rabbit’s Foot Meadery just north of me in Sunnyvale, the biggest mead producer in the United States (but still small!), is closing—but the owners are retiring to the Sierra foothills and plan to reopen a boutique meadery there.

Yikes, any Hacker News thread that touches on “culture war” topics sure brings out the troglodytes. Many of whom write like devotees of Slate Star Codex, a/k/a “Well, Actually: The Blog”.

Unusual thing to miss during the pandemic: the Roundhouse, a conference center at a business park in a nearby city. A curiously lovely 1970s arcology vibe—open and bright, fast wifi, green space, even good coffee and lunch spots. I used it for “work from home” days a lot.

Something I just learned about Fry’s: when struggling in 2019, they switched to a consignment model—without getting their suppliers to agree to switch from typical wholesale. So basically, they saw the iceberg dead ahead, and shouted “ramming speed!”

Strange that Fry’s is silently finishing its slow-motion corporate collapse, while I’ve been shopping more at Best Buy over the last year than I had been for a decade before that.

I think I’ve hit my personal limit for “it’s been a whole month and the world hasn’t been fixed yet, everything is a lie” howling I know I should avoid either dwelling on or, worse, responding to, so I’m moving Twitter back off the Home Screen for a while.

I’m really excited for season 2 of “For All Mankind”…and I think I only know one other person watching it. I’m pleased the show seems to be getting more positive media buzz this time around, though. 📺

I have a 4K HDR Blu-Ray player and exactly one disc for it. (“The Lion King,” for the record.) What else should I buy to build up the library? 🎬

My new M1 MacBook Air fails to sync iCloud data at least three times as fast as the old Air!