Nope, that doesn’t solve it, as Safari instantly locked when I started it. Chrome does the same thing. This computer may be going back to Apple; it’s literally unusable for me like this. :/

Hmm. After more head-bashing, I am suspecting my problem is actually Rogue Amoeba’s SoundSource—or more accurately, that Migration Assistant left it in a state where it seemed like it was installed correctly but had not gone through the proper Apple Silicon Security Rituals.

While I’ve gotten everything transferred over to the new Mac without incident, Safari has been locking—spinning beachball of doom, force quit required—literally every few minutes. I’m now deleting everything that remotely looks like a preference file or cache…

I’m somewhat dismayed that the Mac Studio power light appears to stay on all the time, even when in sleep, given that the computer is in my bedroom. I’ll see if it annoys me in practice or not tonight. (When I move later this year, it will get its own office, at least.)

I don’t suppose I know anyone who knows someone at Twitter who can look into a support case for an incorrectly suspended account, do I?

Racing to get a revision outline done in a story brainstorming program, Dramatica, before I can’t anymore: it’s still 32-bit and already needs an Intel-only virtual machine, and by early April I will have no Intel Macs left. (A 64-bit version is coming, eventually…)

I haven’t had really great taco truck tacos for a long, long time. Until tonight.

I am eating peanuts at this microbrewery near my laptop, and peanuts make little bits of peanut dust, and it is making me think “if this laptop still had a butterfly keyboard half the keys would stop working in five minutes and it might literally explode.”

Unnecessary update: swapped back down to 32GB of RAM. I’ve been getting by for years with “only” 24GB in an iMac, so I’m pretty sure I can limp along with only 8GB more for quite a while.

I may have ordered a Mac Studio and—may have overbought. Still waffling on whether to change the order to ease it down from 64GB RAM to 32GB RAM.

If I buy this much computer, it may encourage me to start the micro-press I keep threatening to do, though, I guess…

Trade-in credit for your 2015 Apple iMac: $50 gift certificate to The Cheesecake Factory

The silver lining of (over)buying a Mac Studio, if I convince myself to pull the trigger, is that I won’t need to buy another computer for a decade. So I tell myself. Ha ha. Although I could make an argument for just keeping the 27″ iMac I have another couple years…

Hmm. The “Mac Studio” plus the new display may be the official replacement for the iMac Pro/27″ display model. I’ll price out a Studio, but might just get the new overpriced display and connect it to the M1 MacBook Air I already have.

Well, I suppose getting a breakthrough Covid infection is sort of like an extra booster, right? (I’ve been fever-free for a week, am past a reasonable isolation period, and have no symptoms other than congestion that may just be my typical seasonal allergies now.)

I have my new iPad mini, finally! I need to think about actually organizing the home screen, which I never truly did on its predecessor.

For some reason when I made a post a few minutes ago, Gluon (a client I’m going to stop using now) just randomly attached a photo to it. I would blame operator error, but I genuinely cannot see, given its UX, how I could have done that without noticing. Yikes.

If I were on Tesla’s Board of Directors, I would be telling Elon Musk it’s time to put out an announcement about stepping down to spend more time with his shitposting.

With the most recent episode, I think “Star Trek: Prodigy” has now leapt into first place for me among New Trek shows, which is—rather unexpected. But it just keeps firing on all proton cylinders. 📺🖖

Well, I could make my inaugural cooking-for-one dish (rosemary skillet chicken, which will almost certainly make enough for two, actually), but I just realized I have a $100 DoorDash gift certificate I’ve never used. So. Maybe cooking tomorrow.

For the first time in nearly 20 years, I’m living alone—only until mid-July, but it’s still going to be a shift.

It seems silly that, knowing I am moving in six months, I am buying new sheets, and a new electric kettle, and a sauce pan. But all but maybe the electric kettle are necessary. At least, I’m telling myself that.

For some reason, my MacBook Air has decided that Apple Pay should always be confirmed on my watch, not on the Touch ID sensor literally built into the Air’s keyboard. This is such a first world problem to be annoyed about, but man, it’s annoying.

I have email from a recruiter that begins “(Company Name) is looking to hire a Technical Writter.” I am resisting the temptation to respond, “Clearly.”

After being on the Fantastical for Mac and Timepage for iPad/iPhone trains for a few years, I’m settling back into Apple’s Calendar programs—work no longer uses Google Mail/Calendar but instead very locked down Exchange servers, and it’s not worth the hassle.

I have finally broken down and, despite my desire to mostly get rid of things before an almost certain cross-country move in July, ordered a new iPad mini. (It is replacing an existing thing, so that’s okay, right?)