Currently reading: White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide by Carol Anderson đź“š

As much as I feel like I should be moving away from Google services, I’m finally getting serious about filters and labels—which only work well in Gmail’s web view and Mailplane. Am I going to end up with one mail client for Gmail and another for “legacy” IMAP? Sigh.

I have discovered that I still have the box for my iPhone 3GS, and inside it is: my original iPhone. 63B88A53-7BB1-49AC-A10D-6602CB8D49A0.jpg

I’m narrowing in on the desktop audio system I’m likely to buy, but since I will have to buy the bigger computer desk I’ve been putting off for years to support this and I may be moving next year, I’m forcing myself to go all Marie Kondo on the office space first.

Well, I suppose Apple technically has one more day to get the Big Sur public beta out in July? My suspicion is they’re waiting to base it off developer beta 4, though.

Trying a bit of an experiment with indiebookclub, an “IndieWeb” experiment in Goodreads-like book tracking. It’s very minimal, but I don’t mind that—and I’m trying to decouple from Amazon.

Finished reading: The Quick Red Fox by John D. MacDonald đź“š

Hmm. Well, I was going to securely erase my old backup drive, but after an hour or so of trying I appear to be unable to mount it. So, maybe it really doesn’t need erasing…

Taking the shocking step of finally cancelling Netflix.

I’m realizing, after years of pretending otherwise, that I’m not really a headphone person, and I’d rather have bookshelf speakers for my “home office” sound system. (Which would require me to buy a bigger desk, and maybe an amp, and…)

Today’s very expensive lesson: Magic Trackpads are super fragile. I didn’t know this was in my bag, which is how it fell. Just three feet, but right onto its corner, apparently. 7E964A24-B3F2-484D-8052-9B4B34ADEF81.jpg

I have come out of the virtual writing workshop I’ve been at with ~1300 words written on a new novella whose working title is “Fixer and the Circus,” although I don’t think that’s going to stick. (Granted, “Kismet” was meant to be a working title…)

It’s so hard to find a cafĂ© or brewery that I’m comfortable sitting at now—it needs an outside patio with actual shade—that now that I’m at one, I’m not sure I know how to get going on writing here.

After a year or so with iA Writer, I’m trying going back to Ulysses again as a writing machine. There are still a couple things I like more about Ulysses, although I prefer iA Writer’s relative openness in file storage. (And I’m bringing iA’s typeface with me.)

I really want the public beta of macOS Big Sur; I’m wondering if they’re not releasing it because they want to fix the bug that screws up Catalina updates if you install the two OSes on separate file system volumes within the same container.

I feel like I’m in quite a minority in actually liking macOS’s full screen mode on laptops.

I’ll be surprised if John Lithgow doesn’t get an Emmy nomination for “Perry Mason.” đź“ş

It feels like every indie podcast I listen to has started a new paid membership program in the last two months, and while it’s understandable, it’s oddly dispiriting. I know it’s super controversial to say “actually sometimes free ad-supported things are good,” but, well.

Socially distant. 2AB59398-BC4D-4894-B002-D08602AC1132.jpg

I’ve just started reading the third Travis McGee Novel, A Purple Place for Dying. McGee, a PI who described himself as a “salvage consultant,” starred in nearly two dozen books by author John D. MacDonald; I read the first book as quasi-inspiration for my two Florida noir shorts, and I’m considering getting back to that character/series. But yikes, the book kicks off with casually misogynistic action/narration, in that sort of sublimated, ambient way that I suppose one might expect in an adventure story written in the 1960s. Fifty-odd years later, though, it’s…disconcerting at best.

On the one hand, I’m surprised no one’s successfully made a movie or TV series about McGee. They came close in the early 1980s, with a TV movie starring Sam Elliott that inexplicably traded Florida for California, something Elliott thought was a mistake. On the other, one can argue that there effectively was a successful Travis McGee TV show in the 1970s that also traded Florida for California—and named the main character Jim Rockford.

Trying to learn how to stop multitasking is quite a struggle now.

Finally giving Spotify a good trial run after years of using Apple Music, and…eh? I like Apple’s “For You” better than Spotify’s “Daily Mixes,” but neither has a real edge—but I really miss iTunes/Music’s miniplayer mode

Blue Apron has just informed me “Important update! Your order has changed,” by which they mean “your order has been cancelled.” Well then.

The more I play with other editors, the more I realize what I really want is BBEdit with two modern big-ticket features it currently lacks: integrated package management, and Language Server Protocol support. (Which could be a package, if BBEdit expanded its event model a bit.)

Realizing that I have an Apple developer account which has expired—and is associated with a company that no longer exists, even though it is my personal email address. I bet fixing this will be fun!