Hanging out in the International Drive/Sand Lake area of Orlando. Way back when, I didn’t have the context to interpret this as “the Vegas Strip without the casinos,” but it is—all bars, gift shops, boutiques and celebrity chef restaurants.

I’m currently carrying my iPhone 12 without a case, and it feels positively illicit.

St. Petersburg, Florida, is so cool a city in some ways. If only we could replace Ron DeSantis with someone more liberal, like Joe Manchin. Yes, I know what I said.

Are some folks seriously pulling a Twitter-esque performative outrage dance of “how dare they call their Mastodon app ‘Ivory’?” Do we have to do this? Look. Tapbots makes robots. Ivory is a robot elephant. So it’s obviously artificial ivory. You’re welcome.

Just as a heads-up again, if you’re following me from Mastodon, it’s better to follow my actual Mastodon account (@chipotle@mstdn.social) now that I have one, not my Micro.blog account.

I finally remembered this Mac has Stage Manager, so I just enabled it, and after about five minutes of use I can definitively say I have no idea what’s going on here. It’s multiple screens! It’s a one-window interface! It’s a floor wax and a dessert topping! What? Huh? What?

I’m sure not every British TV show has credits set in Gill Sans. Just, like, 95% of them.

As much as I’ve migrated a lot of my life back to the Mac, it’s still really fun to be able to use the iPad in portrait mode with an external keyboard for writing. Maybe I’m secretly hoping iPadOS 17 will pull me back to the iPad as my out-in-the-world device.

After my return to California, my totally scientific empirical analysis is that “woke” states make better beer. Sorry.

If you’re looking for a decent macOS Mastodon client, your options are:

  1. Ice Cubes

Seriously, right now that’s it. Get into the Test Flight. testflight.apple.com/join/tqI3…

The downside of returning to the Bay Area for a week is that it makes me acutely aware of what I’m missing now.

The more I poke at the idea for this application, the more I think there’s something there—but it’s a dilemma whether to try and make it a web app, or a real Mac app. (Or first one and then the other? Argh.)

The hotel I’m staying at in San Jose this week has cardboard sleeves for their coffee cups with the Wawa logo on them, and I am really curious about that given there are no Wawas within at least a thousand miles.

While it’s great the Apple Watch prompts “it looks like you’re on a walk, start a workout retroactively?”, it’d be nice if it knew how to end it retroactively, too. I just got 10 minutes of walking credit for ordering a beer flight at my destination. Oops. 🍻

I’m renting a Nissan Altima and the adaptive cruise control is comically terrible. When it doesn’t just tell me “front radar blocked” and refuse to come on, it doesn’t actually see cars in front of it anyway and would be happy to ram them.

Finally reading Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman. So far it is as good as everyone says, and still depressingly relevant. 📚

A great joy of my work life since 2017 or so has been the ability to pack up and work from coffee shops or microbreweries. Even after going 100% remote since 2020, I’ve kept up the tradition, even when outdoor patios have been required/prudent.

Dusting off my Elixir/Phoenix knowledge for a potential project down the road, and Panic Nova is just…not cutting it. BBEdit has a decent Elixir package (spoiler: it’s mine), but it suffers from limitations in template highlighting that VSCode and Sublime Text don’t share. Hmm.

Next week’s challenge: see if I can fit a week’s worth of clothes and electronics (both work and personal laptop) into a single carryon bag. I may make the personal “laptop” my iPad Air for space reasons; we’ll see!

I’m considering switching from Carrot Weather back to Apple Weather. I haven’t looked at in quite a while, and you know what? It’s gotten pretty good.

Feeling like a web app will work for this novel plotting-helper. As much as I like native apps, it should make development easier and not tie it to one platform. Of course, now comes figuring out the actual scope and mechanics…

While I think I’d prefer a desktop application for fiction brainstorming/plotting as a user, I only know how to develop web apps. The silver lining is it would be cross-platform… (I could learn Electron, although I’d also have to learn how to make Electron apps not suck.)

Wondering if I could build a story development app somewhere between Dramatica’s over-the-top “Theory of Everything” and Contour’s uber-formulaic “Save the Cat!” approach, with a UI that feels like it was designed this decade. Hmm.

Poking at Ulysses’ new “Projects” feature. This is a pretty direct shot across the bow at Scrivener.

Perhaps a touch apprehensive that my first flight back to California after making the move to Florida is going to be on Southwest. (And, y’know, during an ongoing pandemic, but I’m kind of resigned to that for the foreseeable future.)