Affinity Publisher probably isn’t a true InDesign competitor yet if you need truly serious desktop publishing power, but for $35 it looks and feels surprisingly capable.

Scheduling a Lyft ahead of time for an airport ride at 4am on Saturday the 14th. I’m hoping this works!

Firefox seems to log me out of web sites constantly and breaks functionality of several sites in weird and inconsistent ways. I’ve tried tweaking every privacy/security setting I can find in it and Privacy Badger, but nothing helps. I may be back to Safari shortly.

I don’t really have a bucket list, but I suspect if I did, tonight’s dinner at the French Laundry would cross one item off.

The best thing about Firefox for me is likely EFF’s Privacy Badger—I’m not interested in ad blocking, I’m interested in invasive tracker blocking. (Although in practice blocking the latter blocks an awful lot of the former.)

I’m finding myself going back to MultiMarkdown Composer as my prose writing app of choice. Frankly, I suspect if BBEdit could use italics and bold for syntax highlighting the way some other editors do, I’d stick with it for stories, too.

Update: I have ordered the TV. Now I can spend days wondering if it was a mistake! (I do this after every purchase much over $50.)

Considering finally pulling the trigger on a new television, which would be the first one I’ve bought since… 2007 or 2008? I still love my Pioneer plasma, but it’s 42”, 720p, and the video landscape has changed a lot.

“For All Mankind” causes my receiver to show “Object” where it’d normally show channels, like “3/2.1” for 3 front, 2 rear, 1 sub. It’s Dolby Atmos! But I only have five speakers.

So, I can’t pull up the find and replace panel on iOS iA Writer unless predictive text is enabled. It’s a tiny bug, but there are so many damn tiny iOS bugs, misfeatures and infelicities compared to macOS, and it’s just not trending better.

I checked the sound level of typing on the MacBook Pro’s butterfly keyboard and on a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Clear switches; the latter was only louder by about 3 decibels on average.

My biggest challenge with Firefox is years of launching/switching to the browser by typing Cmd-Space S for “Safari”. I did just discover the checkboxes for “title bar” and “drag space,” though. (For right now: drag space,, Arc theme.)

After yet another instance of opening a Scrivener project and having it freak out about “file conflicts” that should have been easily resolvable—but which it provides no tools to even do a manual diff on—I’m going to think more on plain text solutions.

For the first time in many years, I’m going to try running Firefox as my default browser. As much as I generally love Safari, new versions have seriously nerfed extensions, and I think I’d prefer to be running EFF’s Privacy Badger rather than an ad blocker. (We’ll see.)

Phil Schiller’s comments that “we’re both advancing the butterfly keyboard, and we’re creating this new Magic Keyboard for our Pro notebooks” make me a little nervous.

Assuming the new(ish) Apple laptop keyboard shows up on the MacBook Air in its next revision, that may be enough to keep me happy. I’m going to have to upgrade my current 13” MBP to Catalina and see if it drives me crazy, though.

The conference center I’m camped out at (my Secret Remote Office™) has free wifi that gets 207 Mbps down and 42 Mbps up. I’m pretty sure that’s better than either my home or my actual workplace. (Possibly combined.)

My local McDonald’s has gone through a massive interior design update to be brighter, more open, light wood flooring, funky design touches. No booths anywhere now. I’m not sure, but I think I hate it.

While it’s already a few days into November, I think I’m going to commit to participating in #NaNoWriNoMo (National Not Writing a Novel Month).

A fair number of commenters on Hacker News are just really humorless gits, aren’t they?

We are being introduced to the potential magic of the Instant Pot™ tonight.

Hopes for Apple products in 2020: (a) a terrific MacBook Air update with a new, reliable keyboard; (b) an update to macOS Catalina that has the bugs ironed out. Even so, I’m eyeing a Dell XPS 13 dual booting Windows 10 and Linux way harder than I’d expected I ever would.

Sort of ironic that I’m hitting a “I have to take a brief break from writing” moment just at the start of NaNoWriMo, but I’m sure I’ll get going again—probably before the end of the month.

While I have never attended WWDC, I feel like Samsung’s dev conference is giving me the fundamental experience of the boxed lunch.

Wandering through one of the few places that my iPhone really sticks out oddly: the Samsung Developer Conference.