Weird: the bar downstairs from the office is doing a “Tiki Tuesday,” but all the drinks today are featuring the very non-tiki Jägermeister Manifest. Weirder: the one I’m having is pretty good.

Me: it’d sure be nice if Simple, my online bank, improved their bill-paying service to accept ebills. Simple: Great news! We’re terminating our bill-paying service! Me: You know, I still have a Bank of America account…

I can’t help but wonder if the Starbucks cup on last night’s GoT wasn’t a deliberate joke that the filmmakers didn’t expect to get dragged for. I mean, it could certainly be an accident, but it’d have to have gone unnoticed by multiple sets of eyes, right?

The first three episodes of Game of Thrones’ new season reminded me why I love the show when it’s firing on all cylinders, a virtual Greatest Hits collection; the more I think on it, though, the more last night’s episode felt like a Greatest Misses collection.

Hmm. I like Reeder 4, but when it comes down to it, I think I like the “web app” version of Feedbin better on the Mac and iPad and Unread better on the iPhone.

As I’ve moved to the iPad full-time as my “laptop,” I’m waiting for my Brydge Keyboard at the end of May and the TouchType Pro case (which integrates the Magic Keyboard) in August, so I can have them FIGHT TO THE DEATH. Er, so I can compare their utility to me.

It’s not that working from coffee shops is bad, it’s just that working from microbreweries is better.

Realm, a database company I did brief time at, is being acquired by MongoDB for $39M—after raising $40M from VCs, giving away their database and trying to monetize their syncing service. Possible lesson: database syncing is a feature, not a product.

I was pretty sure Alan Parsons had retired from the studio, but he dropped a new album on Friday featuring Jason Mraz, Lou Gramm, and Steve Hackett (of Genesis, not tech podcast, fame). 🎵

After using Day One in fits and starts since I bought it a few years ago, toward the start of this year I decided I’d try to journal weekly, every Sunday—and while I didn’t manage to make the habit stick in January, I’ve managed every Sunday from February 17th on. Hopefully it’ll keep sticking.