Axios AM newsletter today:

  • lead article explictly making the case that moderate Democrats should stop panicking over Bernie Sanders’s rise because he might well be the most electable candidate…
  • …followed by ad from Mike Bloomberg’s campaign

I’m sure there are more nerve-wracking things than getting a text from your mom saying “I’ll call you later to tell you what the doctor said,” but at the moment none come to mind.

If the DNC letting Bloomberg in the debate was really the conspiracy Twitter tells me it was, Sanders and Warren supporters should petition for a few more plots like that.

Ezra Klein’s critique of the underlying oligarchy of Bloomberg’s campaign is smart, calm, and devastating.…

There are an increasing number of reasons to dislike Amazon, but a prosaic one is that their own delivery service is just so bad. Today’s package is marked as “delivered—handed directly to resident.” I hope whoever they handed it to enjoys their USB cable.

It’s strange how transgressive it feels to carry a modern, all-glass smartphone around without a case.

Every time I make the mistake of reading my twitter timeline recently, I’ve come away thinking, “Why, yes, that was a mistake.”

While I’m hopeful iPadOS is on track to get better text and external keyboard handling, I’m finding myself unreasonably excited about the prospect of an updated MacBook Air.

I’m kind of tempted to buy tickets for the Monkees concert coming up in April, even knowing they’re down to a duo.

Going back to trying the “fitBAG,” a tight sleeve for my iPhone rather than a case. It makes it relatively inconvenient to just take your phone out of your pocket and fiddle with it, which I’ve been treating as a minus, but maybe it’s actually a plus. 🤔

As I reevaluate what I want to be using the iPad for, I’m starting to reconsider whether the 12.9” size is really right for me.

I’ve known Twitter has been bad for my mental health for a while, but it’s gotten to the point I need to be more serious about cutting it out. Trying to not check my timelines in every spare moment is going to take getting used to, though.

I’m not sure exactly when hardware Kindles started letting you add your own custom fonts, but Charter is an excellent, excellent ebook typeface—and free (and open source).…

I’m not sure why “monospaced coding fonts with language-specific ligatures” became a fad, e.g., turning “=>” into “⇒”. It’s clever, but it strikes me as the epitome of “solution in search of a problem.”

For various reasons, I’m noodling around with web site UX/design again and contemplating tools for it. As much as I feel like I “should” be using a mockup tool, doing mockups right in HTML/SCSS seems… easier, somehow?

I have been given access to the beta version of a new text editor and it is hard to describe to most people why this should be remotely exciting.

Just bought something from the Samsung online store with an Apple Card and feeling irrationally amused by it

“iOS is great for writers,” I say, stabbing my finger repeatedly at a text field hoping it will eventually trigger either “paste” or “select” as they both share the same gesture

Zeno’s pastry: when any pie or cake is left in an office breakroom, people start taking ever-smaller pieces so as to avoid taking the last one

As part of new year “cleaning,” I’m ruthlessly clearing out years of accumulated Homebrew packages: down from 62 installed to 30. I’m not sure how ultimately valuable this is, but it feels meaningful.

Hm. Speaking of Panic’s upcoming Nova code editor, I just noticed that they removed the link to Coda (their previous code editor) from their front page. Hopefully that means they’re close to an actual public release.

Canceled my subscription to The Economist. I rarely have time to read it, and as good as much of the writing is, there’s a particular strain of “just asking questions” British transphobia in some editorial corners there.

I admit the screenshots of Panic’s upcoming Nova code editor make me kind of excited to try it, despite my long-standing love for BBEdit (and newly re-energized love for Vim).

Finished The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal a few days ago, and it’s a great alternate history space race story – with the caveat that it feels incomplete without the second book, which I haven’t read yet. 📚

I think I may have finally had a galaxy-brain moment of how to use BBEdit as a Scrivener replacement. We’ll see.