I bought a Magic Keyboard that supports Touch ID today, and now wonder just what I was thinking. They’re great keyboards for what they are, but I’m pretty sure I’ll just keep switching between the two mechanicals I’ve been using.

The Laravel tutorial that I’m working through to refresh my PHP credentials uses the Tailwind CSS framework, which everyone says you will love once you get used to it. I’m still waiting.

I’m pretty sure this is the closest I’ve been to a wild coyote—probably about 50 feet. I wish I’d had my real camera for this!

Remember when 5by5 was the up-and-coming tech podcast network?

Because it seemed like there should be one, I have made a version of the Nord color scheme for BBEdit. github.com/chipotle/…

Tempted to walk around the mostly empty office building and chirp “are we feeling collaborative yet?” at random coworkers.

After watching “Severance,” I would like to expand my catalog of defiant jazz.

This week is my first with mandatory in-office days since March 2022. On the one hand, it’ll be nice to see coworkers in person; on the other, they closed our great downtown San Jose office and I’ll be going to a boring business park.

(Re-)learning Laravel, the PHP framework, in my spare time, and I’m very impressed with what the PHPStorm IDE is doing in Laracasts’ instructional videos. I’m obstinately returning to Panic Nova as a test, though; the flakiness of earlier versions seems largely gone. We’ll see!

Discovered Apple Music—and other streaming services—now have the cast albums for two musicals based on Alan Parsons Project albums, both of which were staged (to some acclaim, I gather) in Germany in the 1990s. They’re…odd?

I have ordered an Ember “Smart” Coffee Mug and feel bad about myself for having done it. ☕️

Plugged my MacBook Air into my Studio Display for the first time this morning, and immediately questioned whether I should actually have bought the Mac Studio. Oh well.

As much as I love the modern era of thin and light laptops, I miss being able to lock my laptop to a table at a coffee shop with a Kensington-style cable.

There may be no more more convincing proof of Satan’s existence than the Hacker News thread on “Elon Musk makes unsolicited bid to take Twitter private”.

Realizing I have an old Logitech K380 keyboard that’s no longer “attached” to anything has gotten me to set it up with my iPad mini—and set the iPad up with more “real” productivity/creative apps finally.

Part of me wants to hang on to this, but I don’t even know if it’s still readable—and I doubt any modern PCs could even run it.

So apparently Star Trek: Picard season 3 will basically reunite ST:TNG. I think I’m on board with this?

I seem to have a strange talent for running into edge case bugs in Acorn, my favorite image editor. Only two, but that’s two more than almost all of you have! (It’s a great editor, and I mean, these were pretty edgy edge cases.)

One interesting silver lining to the Studio Display: for the first time since March 2020, I have an external monitor for my work laptop—and for the first time ever, it’s a 27″ 5K (5120×2880) display, rather than 24″ FHD (1920×1080).

This is an interesting opportunity to re-evaluate some of my day-to-day workflow. I’ve been using Drafts as a “temporary text place”, for instance, but it’s way overpowered for 99% of my usage—so now I’m trying Tot, which seems absolutely designed for this.

Well, hopefully things will remain copacetic. I’m watching you, theoretically confirmed-to-be-working computer. 🧐

If you want to hear what the Mac Studio’s fans sound like when they’re REALLY running full bore, run Diagnostics. Holy jet engines, Batman. (Mine comes up with “no issues,” for what it’s worth.)

The new Mac is…working? Twice—in 24 hours—it’s stopped responding to the keyboard plugged into the Studio Display, and I can only fix that by unplugging the Display itself and reconnecting it. And this morning it’s been super slow and juddery when waking up the display.

Seeing “Tweetie2” still referenced by the current Twitter app is a trip, if you’re a certain kind of Mac user. (If you’re not, Tweetie 2 was the third-party client Twitter bought to make their app. Tweetie was arguably better in many ways.)

Nope, that doesn’t solve it, as Safari instantly locked when I started it. Chrome does the same thing. This computer may be going back to Apple; it’s literally unusable for me like this. :/