San Francisco’s Cliff House restaurant is shutting down, a combination of the pandemic and disputes between the National Park Service and the family that’s run it for ~50 years. I’ll miss using it as a remote office once in a blue moon.

Cliff House's upper level, a bar on the balconyA Sidecar cocktail (I think) at the balcony bar.Sutro's, the fancier restaurant on the Cliff House's lower level. The balcony bar is visible at the top of the picture.

Taking a personal day, and taking advantage of outdoor dining while it’s still available. The weather app says it’s only 63 out, but it is quite warm nonetheless.

I’ve been at my current job over two and a half years—the longest time I’ve been at the same company in two decades. I’m not a job-hopper by choice; I just have a knack for finding companies that have money issues or do big pivots, and I fill in with short-term contracts.

Finally admitting that “nag self to do healthy things” apps just irritate me and moving WaterMinder and Round off my Home Screen.

Finally buying a Blu-Ray player before the Thanksgiving weekend sales disappear. I’m not sure this is a great idea, because it occurs to me (now) that I am historically just not the kind of person who frequently re-watches movies.

“All Things Must Pass,” Colin Hanks’s documentary about Tower Records, is a lot of fun. And it has impeccably typeset titles and captions. (Yes, I am the sort of person who notices that.)

For a few years now my Thanksgiving quasi-tradition has been me and two or three close friends going to a restaurant. This continues this year—sort of: I’m in a “quarantine bubble” with one friend and another is my roommate, and we’ve gotten takeout from Manresa.

Despite often making fun of smooth jazz, I’ve found it’s great to have on as background working music. The downside is that I’m training Apple Music to suggest endless Dave Koz and David Sanborn clones.

Giving Zenni Optical a shot for new glasses. I’m annoyed that they won’t let me enter the separate prescription I have for computer/reading glasses, instead insisting on calculating it from my standard prescription and then telling me the numbers are wrong, though.

I’ve been using Ulysses off and on for years and just figured out what filters are good for. I’m still not sure it can match Scrivener for serious novel-writing, but I’m definitely not sure it can’t.

Trying to figure out how to minimize risk to myself and my mother for Christmas, as I’m supposed to make a cross-country trip (and back). I suspect it involves self-quarantine on both ends of the trip and testing.

It’s been fascinating to go into the Trailers app on Apple TV, or trailer web sites, and see what shows up as 2020 marches on and tentpole features fade. It’s a growing collection of indies, VOD releases, obscure documentaries, imports, and category-defying oddities.

I appreciate this place having outdoor patio seating, but it’s approaching the time of year where they really need some patio heaters. It’s 57 in the sun, but it feels a lot colder in the shade.

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but apparently you can fool 70 million people four years and counting.

I am tempted to buy the M1-based MacBook Air despite having bought, earlier this year, a (cough) MacBook Air. I’ll probably resist, though.

From mid-2018 through early 2020, my iPad Pro was my main portable. In early 2020 I bought the (last Intel!) MacBook Air and the updated iPad Mini, and they’ve completely displaced it: the Air is (mostly) better for creation and the Mini is (mostly) better for consumption.

The Hacker News community celebrates the Mac moving to an entirely new CPU architecture with the spirit of the true computer enthusiast: whining that they (probably) can’t put Linux on it.

Ulysses has behaved well enough under previous Big Sur betas that I wasn’t prepared for it to go comically south under the 11.0.1 beta. I see a new version that cites Big Sur compatibility as its main feature is on the horizon, at least!

I may have to break down and order another keyboard with Matias Quiet Click key switches. I love the feel of their non-quiet switches, but man, they’re loud. Back to the noticeably quieter MX Clear keyboard for now.

I am not quite making good on my quasi-joke to my boss at virtual standup today about working somewhere with comfort food and no internet, but sitting in an odd little tree-canopied nook with laptop and latte, I’m getting pretty close.

I don’t know whether this is celebrating victory or drowning sorrows yet, but it’s this kind of day either way. 760AF484-E577-478E-8856-FA2C3339CE00.jpg

I’ve encountered the first use of iOS “App Clips” in the wild I’ve seen, a menu at a very old pub in Oakland.

Hacker News is angry with me for criticizing Glenn Greenwald, but sorry: his work on Snowden doesn’t give him a free pass for spending two years arguing Russian interference in the 2016 election is a Democratic hoax and now going on to push the Hunter Biden laptop story.

I am losing a 606-day stand streak on the Apple Watch because it lost data when I had to erase and reset my new phone due to a SIM error. That’s… not a great feeling. It better start counting correctly again tomorrow, or I may just be going back to mechanical watches…

quibi (KWI-bee), noun. A unit of time for measuring the lifespan of ill-conceived internet startups: “ lasted four quibis.”