Since I’ve been blocked on a theoretical sequel to “Kismet” for…two years, maybe I can come up with a novel or novella around Fixer, the eponymous protagonist of two 1970s Florida noir shorts. This seems like a good time for noir.

Microsoft is closing its retail stores. This is a retreat from the consumer market, which makes me wonder about their long-term plans for the Surface line.

I am usually fairly reticent about installing beta OSes on my devices, but I really want to install a beta of macOS 11 on my laptop to try and adjust to the new look. (My iMac, meanwhile, is still hanging out on Mojave.)… This makes me sad and a little nervous about my great (and woefully underused) PEN-F camera.

I just realized that Reeder, my RSS app, has a “Reading List” account that can save any web page for reading later. I’ll have to see if I like it more than Instapaper…

Teriyaki quest update: I made a version earlier this week which was good but not correct, and this has sent me down a bonkers rabbit hole of competing recipes and food science questions. But I have concocted a new recipe to try next week sometime.

Visual Studio Code with Intelephense is so good for PHP work it’s making it hard for me to give Panic’s upcoming Nova editor a truly fair shake. I’m trying, though—Nova is pretty neat.

True confession: I really miss mall chicken teriyaki, and am probably going to have to break down and learn a copycat recipe.

In my ongoing effort to make a work-from-home setup that involves a personal iMac, an office-supplied MackBook Pro, and a pretty small desk, the MBP is now set up on a stand in front of the iMac, This isn’t bad, but it’s weird.

So, on my first day out to see Sunnyvale’s new outdoor dining area, I can back to find my car covered with pine sap that two car washes have only smeared (and, to be fair, cleaned). How’s your day?

A little weird being in Sacramento with so few people wearing masks compared to the Bay Area.

You know, I didn’t actually hate Apple’s butterfly keyboard until I bought the new MacBook Air with the Magic keyboard, and then went back to my work laptop. Yikes.

Trail at Sabercat Historical Park in the Fremont hills. C736115A-995F-45BC-98DB-1B828CD3A3B9.jpg

Finally making my way into the second season of “Counterpart,” and Olivia Williams is SO GOOD in this episode. I mean, she’s been good throughout, but holy hand grenades. 📺

I kind of want a new Mac mini, but I’ve already bought too many gadgets in the name of End Times Blues.

Man, some people on Hacker News get super cranky when you say web fonts make sites more consistent across devices than using whatever fonts are available on the user’s system. It’s not a moral judgement, people, it’s the literal definition of “consistency.”

After years of a muddled music library, I’m revamping it all to have local music entirely out of iTunes, and may consolidate my streaming entirely onto Spotify.

I seem to be starting the process of semi-seriously looking for a home in Vallejo. I’m as surprised by this as anyone.

The exit survey page when I canceled my TIDAL subscription is broken in Safari, which somehow seems symbolic of the whole affair, really

The awesome Mac OS Catalina fonts you didn’t know you had access to - Typography.Guru

I still want a program that’s basically Scrivener for Markdown—organize files into folders with arbitrary ordering, be able to display panes side by side with attached notes, have a research folder, be able to collate files together when exporting. Nothing quite does this.

Sitting on a bench in the shade in a park with my laptop isn’t the same as sitting in my favorite café, but it’ll do.

I’ve again given up and gone out shopping rather than getting delivery, after Safeway’s online checkout system broke in two different browsers. If I get the plague, at least I have an impulse buy of mint It’s It ice cream cookies.

I headed out for lunch with the intention of getting ingredients for that broccoli salad, but ended up taking an unnecessary drive and getting a takeout pizza and donuts. My quarantine diet has regressed to college, sans the Perkins to hang out in at 10pm.

I’ll miss Sweet Tomatoes sort of in spite of itself, but at least I’ll still have Joan’s Broccoli Madness salad.