The more people insist that real writers use Microsoft Word, the more my resolve to never use Microsoft Word hardens. (I have not owned a copy since Office 2000, and that only because it came with the last PC I bought.)

Long-term project: convincing people that the past tense of “sync” should be “sunc.”

I don’t expect great coffee from Starbucks, but I expect passable wifi. This is the first I’ve been to in a long time that (a) made a “cappuccino” so bad it’s just ten ounces of coarse foam on top of an espresso shot, and (b) has wifi so terrible I had to tether to my phone.

I am having a grilled cheese and crispy spam sandwich and I am not all that sorry about it

Raining off and on all day until I drove out of the SF Bay Area to blue skies. This feels more symbolic than it probably really is.

It’s been about a month and I still don’t recognize the new Slack icon as “Slack” when I go to look for it on my phone or iPad.

I’ve stuck with BBEdit for technical writing and general text wrangling (ahem), but for coding I’ve been pretty capricious. I think I’m (re-)settling on Sublime Text 3, though.

For the ones and ones of you who miss the original Coyote Tracks blog and would like a “just the articles” RSS feed like I used to have: now there is one!…

Switching my “savings account” auto-contribution from a Capital One 360 account to a Betterment Smart Saver account. This feels scarier than it probably is; I’ll try it for a few months and see if I’m comfortable with it.

Oh, hey. With’s new categories support, I think I can restore the RSS feed for “just long posts only” by making a category for them. (@manton, there aren’t automatic feeds created for status posts vs. regular posts, are there?)