Comfortable enough with my fork of the LJ downloading tool and the LJ XML-to-Day One importer to share:…

Found two Ruby scripts to grab old LIveJournal entries and then import them into Day One. But they could both use some work. (Which I’m giving them, I hope.)

Keeping a journal I can go back and reread is both a blessing and a curse; I was pretty depressed through most of 2017, apparently.

Told that today is “National Mai Tai Day.” I’m dubious, but here’s a mai tai. This is the first one I’ve made at home in at least a year; it’s pretty good, though!

I dearly love Soulver, but I may just buy version 3 while it’s on sale this month…and not use it. Syncing with iOS is a requirement for me, not a nice-to-have.

If I ever launch one of the web services I keep thinking of, it’ll have Google Nothing. No Google Fonts, no Google Analytics, no Google ReCAPTCHA, no “Sign in with Google.” No. Fie. Out. Away with you.

My NAD HP50 headphones seem to be kind of falling apart, so I took the opportunity to get Master & Dynamic MH40s at a really good price. Still trying to decide what I think of them. (They’re prettier than the HP50s, but that’s a low bar.)

So iOS 13 will not have a way to add arbitrary fonts; apps have to declare all their fonts at App Store submission time, because security? I sure hope this doesn’t break AnyFont’s profile-based font installation: it remains the only way to do what it does.

Medium just brought up a JavaScript alert prompt asking me if I really wanted to close its tab when I hit ⌘W. It’s amazing how far out of its way that site goes to make its once-great reading experience miserable now. (Sadly, the prompt had no “kill with fire” button.)

I’m actually cautiously optimistic about scripting languages being removed from macOS’s default install: if they become developer packages, they may start being updated much more regularly, and installation will be mostly painless. We’ll see.