I was considering going back to my MacBook for the day’s outing, after more than a year of being exclusively iPad for portable computing, but there is a lot of stuff to update on this Mac if I try that. Yikes.

One of my Tommy Bahama shirts has ripped in the wash after just a few years. I’m ordering replacement shirts from Reyn Spooner, which (a) makes great deisgns, (b) uses a seemingly indestructible polyester-cotton blend, and © is actually Hawaiian.

Apparently most of Morgan Hill (California) is without internet right now, which I am learning because I am working remotely from a brewery in downtown.

I preferred the “old” software upgrade model to the subscription model, but when you do the math the cost is often—not always, but often—similar. Having said that, PDF Expert’s new $50/yr subscription price seems on the high side for us non-corporate users.

Despite my impressions with the key tester-slash-fidget toy that I have, I really prefer Cherry MX clear switches to browns. I kinda want to send the Race 3 back to repair its \ key and say “actually, send me a version with clears and charge me the difference.”

After 24 hrs with the Race 3 keyboard:

  • I like these MX Browns, but may still like Clears more
  • Love the size
  • Very few “Mac-compatible” mechanical keyboards truly act like Mac keyboards, and this is not one of them
  • The Matias Mini is ugly, but I think it may come out on top

So further experiments with the Race 3 keyboard: (1) what passes for a manual gives the wrong directions on switching it into Mac mode; (2) Mac mode is mostly pointless; (3) the newer firmware has a slightly better Mac mode, but you need Windows to install it. 🙃

Playing with a new 75% mechanical keyboard, the Vortex Race 3. While there are definitely things about it I like, there’s also a lot of “hey, this is going to take some getting used to.” I’ll see how it shakes out.

So far, my experiences with Fountain-based screenwriting apps on both iOS and macOS can be summed up with: I want to learn enough Swift to write my own competing app. Yikes, folks. Yikes.

I wish I’d known MechanicalKeyboards.com used FedEx SmartPost instead of normal FedEx; I’d have paid extra to avoid it. My order was ~50 miles away on Sunday…and today went the opposite direction to be re-send by US mail. SmartPost is just so very stupid.