Just bought something from the Samsung online store with an Apple Card and feeling irrationally amused by it

“iOS is great for writers,” I say, stabbing my finger repeatedly at a text field hoping it will eventually trigger either “paste” or “select” as they both share the same gesture

Zeno’s pastry: when any pie or cake is left in an office breakroom, people start taking ever-smaller pieces so as to avoid taking the last one

As part of new year “cleaning,” I’m ruthlessly clearing out years of accumulated Homebrew packages: down from 62 installed to 30. I’m not sure how ultimately valuable this is, but it feels meaningful.

Hm. Speaking of Panic’s upcoming Nova code editor, I just noticed that they removed the link to Coda (their previous code editor) from their front page. Hopefully that means they’re close to an actual public release.

Canceled my subscription to The Economist. I rarely have time to read it, and as good as much of the writing is, there’s a particular strain of “just asking questions” British transphobia in some editorial corners there.

I admit the screenshots of Panic’s upcoming Nova code editor make me kind of excited to try it, despite my long-standing love for BBEdit (and newly re-energized love for Vim).

Finished The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal a few days ago, and it’s a great alternate history space race story – with the caveat that it feels incomplete without the second book, which I haven’t read yet. đź“š

I think I may have finally had a galaxy-brain moment of how to use BBEdit as a Scrivener replacement. We’ll see.

Switching back to Castro as a podcast player, after switching back to Overcast for the last few months. Overcast has generally been more stable with CarPlay, which may yet send me back, but Castro’s inbox/queue system seems to fit my listening habits better.

While I didn’t technically get AirPods Pro for Christmas, I got a check which just about covers them, so: the trick is just finding a store that still has them in stock!

A silver lining of a layover in Phoenix: one of the best coffee shops you can find at any airport, Cartel Coffee.

Thinking more about it, I really want a plain text editor with Scrivener’s organization and final output tools, BBEdit’s editing capability, and the nice editing appearance of iA Writer or Ulysses. Apparently nobody else does!

Wrestling with the thought of going back to using, you know, a word processor to write stories. Not Scrivener, not plain text this and that, just…a word processor. (Specifically, Nisus Writer Pro.)

It seems like 2020 or 2021 will be the year either I move back to Florida to be with my elderly mother, or move her out to California and find…somewhere we can afford.

The Tampa Bay food scene—including coffee and beer—has really taken off over the last five years. Assuming I do end up back here, it’s nice that it’ll feel like a cool place to (re)discover.

I’m finding myself wobbling between MultiMarkdown Composer and iA Writer on the Mac. I suspect if BBEdit’s syntax highlighting scheme could show italics and bold, I’d just be using it, though.

Using the infotainment/nav system in my mom’s Subaru makes me appreciate the one in my Honda Insight much more.

Hanging out at the Brass Tap in Wesley Chapel, Florida, which became my go-to beer bar in this area a few years ago. The outdoor mall it’s in is clearly struggling, though, which makes me a bit nervous for them.

As much as I appreciate Away luggage supporting all the tech podcasts, “carry a charger in your suitcase because airports never have outlets” hasn’t been true for several years, has it? Every airport I go to has rows of seats and desks with outlets everywhere.

My favorite web typography curmudgeon contemplates the Brave web browser, pinpointing my own reservations about its “ads but virtuous” business model. practicaltypography.com/the-cowar…

Coming to the decision point for an upcoming two-week trip: iPad-only, MacBook-only, or take both? The last two years I’ve done iPad-only and I’m sure I could do it again. But frustration with iOS and its apps has rekindled my love of the Mac recently.

I have accidentally found a mysterious alleyway Mexican place in Sacramento that has Cafe de Olla on the menu, a drink I referenced in Kismet that I haven’t actually had in 20 years.

Affinity Publisher probably isn’t a true InDesign competitor yet if you need truly serious desktop publishing power, but for $35 it looks and feels surprisingly capable.

Scheduling a Lyft ahead of time for an airport ride at 4am on Saturday the 14th. I’m hoping this works!