I don’t really have a bucket list, but I suspect if I did, tonight’s dinner at the French Laundry would cross one item off.

Sometimes my “office view” is very pleasant on remote-work Thursdays.

A closed Korean restaurant across from my office has become a pizza place, but they haven’t gotten the new sign yet. Next on the checklist:

In SF for Relay FM’s 5th anniversary show, which gives me enough time for a drink at the city’s most fun bar, Pagan Idol. Maybe two drinks.

The (now gone) pizza of doom.

Working on a review of the Brydge Keyboard after living with it for about a month. This picture may suggest a subtle spoiler.

Told that today is “National Mai Tai Day.” I’m dubious, but here’s a mai tai. This is the first one I’ve made at home in at least a year; it’s pretty good, though!

Continuing my semi-secret “breweries with wifi > coffee shops with wifi” crusade. I should really get here to Hapa’s more often. (If you are a WWDC attendee, I’d tell you to join me, but it’s about a mile and a half away from the convention center.)

Sitting at the kitchen counter at The Kitchen. This is dinner theater in the truest sense.

It’s not that working from coffee shops is bad, it’s just that working from microbreweries is better.

I can’t guarantee my drink is more fun than yours, but it’s fun.

chalkboard sign reading "Game of Scones: breakfast is coming"

I think this will be a delicious mistake.

The business park I camp out in for remote working occasionally is especially photogenic today.

Medium Seeks Partners to Launch New Publications“: What could possibly go wrong this time?

Interesting approach.

Sign reading 'Come in and try what one Yelper described as the WORST cut and color they have EVER experienced!'

"roses are red / mornings are hard / i suck at poetry / COFFEE!"

I feel like this fortune cookie is reproaching me for something, but I’m not sure what

Fortune reading 'Attend to Business today. leave that street-side flower alone.'

Trying a FitBag pouch for my iPhone XR rather than a case—Apple’s clear case is very good, but I’ve always preferred going caseless. But this is such a big, glass phone, so…

Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar at Disney Springs

Interior of highly themed 'adventure' bar

In some ways the James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art itself is an exhibit.

Interior of the James Museum, St. Petersburg, FL

The iPad sticker collection is slowly being built.

iPad Pro case partially covered with various stickers